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Rapid Insights: LGBTQIA+ Characters Offer a Unique Perspective that Draws in Viewers

To honor the last week of Pride Month, and with the recent success of shows like Heartstopper, Euphoria, Queer Eye, and Love, Victor across both TV and streaming, Vault AI wanted to dig deeper into current trends for series with prominent LGBTQIA+ themes. Here’s what Vault uncovered: What demographic tends to be the most attracted to series with compelling LGBTQIA+ hooks? Women. Of all […]

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Rapid Insights: The Gray Man’s Head-to-Head Face-Off Will Spark Fireworks

Netflix’s most expensive original film to date releases in late July and is intended to jumpstart a brand new action franchise for the streamer. Directed by the Russo brothers (of Marvel fame) and starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as opposing CIA assassins, the film serves as an homage to high-octane 70s-style thrillers. Here’s what […]

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Rapid Insights: Heartstopper’s LGBTQ+ Teen Romance Is a Joy

Netflix has achieved yet another breakout hit, this time in the form of a heartwarmingly sweet LGBTQ+ British teen rom-com. Released back in April, the series has shown considerable staying power, building on viewers’ positive word-of-mouth and touted in the media as one of the best new shows of 2022. Here’s what you need to […]

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Rapid Insights: Lightyear Takes a Classic Character to Infinity and Beyond

Disney Pixar’s newest animated feature releases this weekend only in theaters and is already receiving the brand’s expected high level of critical acclaim. The film is a prequel of sorts to Toy Story, depicting the adventures of the (fictional) human astronaut, voiced by Chris Evans, that inspired young Andy’s beloved Buzz Lightyear action figure. Here’s what you need […]

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Rapid Insights: Players Takes on Esports and Scores

Releasing this week, Paramount+’s newest comedy series offers a cleverly satirical look at the cutthroat world of competitive gaming. From the creators of American Vandal, the show is a mockumentary-style parody about a team of professional League of Legends esports competitors vying for their first championship–and all of the absurdities that go with it. Here’s what […]

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How AI is Changing Consumer Insights for the Entertainment Industry

In the age of peak content, the media and entertainment industry faces new challenges after years of expansion. The streaming boom is slowly turning into a battle of customer retention while linear TV continues to lose viewers, and audiences are slowly returning to movie theaters in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. In the midst […]

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Rapid Insights: Becoming Elizabeth’s Royal Ascension

Releasing in mid-June, Starz’s upcoming new Renaissance period drama points the spotlight at the girl who would be queen–England’s Queen Elizabeth The First. The series tracks Elizabeth’s life after the death of father Henry VIII as she fights for the crown and becomes embroiled in all the court scandals of her day. Here’s what you […]

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Rapid Insights: Fire Island Brings Diverse Joy to a Familiar Story

Releasing this weekend, Hulu’s newest original film is a witty queer rom-com offering a modern twist on the Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice. Following a group of friends on vacation in the historic LGBTQ+ locale of Fire Island, the story celebrates both cultural and sexual diversity, while highlighting the importance of family. Here’s what […]

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Rapid Insights: The Orville’s Broad New Horizons

After two seasons on broadcast, creator Seth MacFarlane and the FOX network jointly collaborated to morph the popular live-action space comedy into a streaming-only Hulu Original. The show’s upcoming third season reunites the same cast and crew for another round of epic adventures, but this time ramps up the storytelling to take advantage of the […]

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Rapid Insights: Obi-Wan Kenobi Traces the Evolution of a Hero

Hot on the heels of The Book of Boba Fett, Disney+ is premiering another gripping new limited series within the Star Wars franchise. Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen reprise their roles from the early 2000s film prequels in a story designed to fill in the 19-year blank between Episode III’s Revenge of the Sith and […]

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