Vault for Executives

Lead confidently with data-backed insights

Optimize your strategic decisions by leveraging Vault's data-driven insights across greenlighting, production, and marketing.

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Make big bets and win

Vault's early insights into what’s working - and what’s not - gives your team the confidence to take big-bet content to market successfully.

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Improve team productivity

Vault provides accurate data and insights in real-time to speed up your team's ability to iterate and optimize.

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Forecast trends to stay ahead

Get a competitive edge by staying ahead of shifts in audience preferences while capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Greenlight & Market Simulation

Greenlight with confidence and certainty

Vault AI's Greenlight and Market Simulation is your strategic compass in the dynamic world of content creation. Uncovering invaluable insights into potential revenue, audience engagement, and market competition, you can identify which projects are primed for success and allocate resources with precision.

Vault's Greenlight and Market Simulation is your key to data-driven decision-making, equipping your company with a competitive edge to ensure every project is a resounding hit.

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Slate Analysis

Simulate your slate against your competitor's

Getting actionable consumer insights for your global theatrical market isn't easy. It's time consuming and often the data you get back is inconsistent. We built the Vault AI platform to give you global insights in hours, with all the naunces you need.

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