Predictive Consumer Insights

Harness the power of AI to predict who your global audience will be and how to maximize their engagement with your content.

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Domain Expertise

Vault AI is built by Israel's leading minds in AI and designed by global consumer insights people, for consumer insights people.

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Fast & Iterative

Get insights in hours, not months. Test new ideas in real-time at any stage of the content life cycle.

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The most widely adopted AI insights in entertainment. Trusted by leading streamers, networks and film studios.

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Simulate global audiences at any stage with confidence

The most comprehensive AI, story and performance analytics platform ever assembled to simulate global audiences.


story data points


titles analyzed

All genres

across unscripted and scripted


countries & local


data streams

All platforms

streaming, linear, theatrical

How it works

Easily unlock crucial insights around any type of content

Get accurate and unbiased predictions of commercial success at the earliest time possible.

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Step 1

Upload any visual, textual creative material or IP.

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Step 2

Map the creative input against rich datasets.

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Step 3

Predict ratings, bingeability, social buzz, longevity, box office and more.

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Step 4

Explore changes to story to maximize audience engagement and revenues.

Make smarter decisions faster

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Empower decision across the entire contents entire life cycle

Vault AI Traditional Research
Samples 150,000 Objective Data Points Dozens of Biased People’s Opinions
Accuracy 85-95% Core Audience Prediction Not Designed to Predict Outcomes
Speed On Demand/Days Months
Scalability Real-time Iteration Start Over and Re-field Global Sample

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