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Rapid Insights: Love Is Blind Tests the Strength of Love Unseen

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Netflix is releasing the first batch of episodes for Season 6 of its incredibly popular reality dating show. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the series features 30 singles looking for love–this season, they’re all from Charlotte, North Carolina–and has earned considerable buzz since its 2020 premiere. Here’s what […]

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Rapid Insights: Mr. & Mrs. Smith Explodes with Action & Emotion

Last Friday, Amazon Prime released the full first season of its buzzy new spy-action-dramedy that’s also a reimagining of the 2005 Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie film of the same name. This series-length version stars Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as fellow spies thrust together into a cover-story marriage that ultimately becomes real. Here’s what you need […]

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Rapid Insights: Masters of the Air Lifts WWII Drama to New Heights

Apple TV+ just premiered a buzzy new World War II-based miniseries from the producers of Band of Brothers and The Pacific (including Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg) that serves as an effective companion piece. Starring recent Oscar nominees Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan, this new nine-part show follows a real-life aerial unit within the US Army Air Forces–nicknamed the […]

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Rapid Insights: Pokémon Concierge: A Stop-Motion Adventure Beyond Battles

Over the holidays, Netflix released a sweetly soothing stop-motion animated series that wowed audiences thanks to its beautiful visual style and unusual new take on the world of Pokémon. Set at a peaceful island resort, the four-episode first season depicts the cute creatures playing and relaxing under the care of concierge Haru, an anxious young […]

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Rapid Insights: Ted Continues MacFarlane’s Exploration of the Teddyverse

Last week, Peacock released all seven episodes of its new Seth MacFarlane comedy series about a familiar foul-mouthed teddy bear, and it has already become the streamer’s most-watched original title ever. The show serves as a prequel to the two theatrical films, exploring the relationship between the sentient stuffed bear and his then-teenaged owner John […]

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Rapid Insights: ’23 Emmy Nominations: Outstanding Comedy Series

As we await the Television Academy’s 2023 Emmy Awards celebration–postponed to January this year–we’re continuing our in-depth series focused on the nominees, which takes a closer look at the high-quality shows representing the best of this past year’s TV. Next up: the category of Outstanding Comedy Series, featuring 5 returning favorites from 2022 plus 3 […]

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Rapid Insights: One Piece, a Rare Success in the Live-Action Anime Genre

On August 31, Netflix released its new live-action adaptation of a beloved classic manga and anime franchise and the show was an undeniable hit, ranking #1 in viewership in 84 countries over its first weekend. Already renewed for a second season, the series follows the fantastical misadventures of an eclectic pirate crew as they scour […]

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Rapid Insights: Gen V Joins The Boys in Redefining the Misfit

Amazon Prime’s wildly successful series The Boys will launch its much-awaited second spin-off (after the animated The Boys Presents: Diabolical) later this month. Set in the same Vought-controlled universe as its predecessors, Gen V will focus on the cutthroat (literally and figuratively) competition between dangerously out-of-control superheroes-in-training at the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. Here’s what you need to know […]

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