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Rapid Insights: The Sandman Brings Gaiman’s Nightmare to Life

Who’s the target audience for this new adaptation? Older men. Viewers are predicted to lean male (54%) and skew mostly toward 30+ (62%). Compared to previous Gaiman-adjacent adaptations, however, The Sandman will likely be the most gender-balanced; both American Gods and Good Omens appealed even more solidly to men (57-59%), while the audience for Lucifer–loosely based on a secondary character from The Sandman […]

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Rapid Insights: The Resort is an All-Inclusive Thrill Ride

Who’s the audience for this title? Older women. The Resort’s viewership is predicted to lean female (55%) and skew mostly older (60% aged 30+), similar to the audience for fellow streaming retreat-based drama Nine Perfect Strangers. (Thanks to its cable-focused release strategy, dark comedy White Lotus instead saw an older audience at 90% 35+). Which storyline will be the most important? The flashbacks. […]

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Rapid Insights: Resident Evil Brings New Diversity to an Old Franchise

What does the core audience look like for this new Resident Evil series? It leans male (58%) and 30+ (53%), with the most prevalent demo predicted to be men 18-44. The show appeals to a slightly younger viewership than similar gaming adaptations The Witcher, Halo, and the animated Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness (58-66% 30+). Why is now a good time for a new entry in […]

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Rapid Insights: Conjuring Kesha – Search for the Supernatural

How does this show’s audience compare to others in the same genre? It’s younger. As with similarly spooky reality series Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, the Conjuring Kesha audience leans female (59%), but thanks to the latter’s streaming-only platform and Millennial-aged host, its viewers are considerably younger (44% <30) than its cable-based predecessors (only 12-13% <35). What’s the most intriguing aspect […]

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Rapid Insights: Audiences Will Say ‘Yup’ to Nope’s Suspenseful Sci-Fi Horror

Auteur director (and actor) Jordan Peele has found great success in telling Black-focused stories with sharp social commentary by playing with the tropes, suspense, and even humor of the horror genre. His first two films as a director—Get Out and Us—were smash hits, and his newest project, releasing theatrically in late July and starring Daniel Kaluuya (also […]

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Rapid Insights: The Old Man Brings a Thrilling Novel to the Small Screen

FX’s newest series made quite the splash with its mid-June debut, emerging as the most-watched cable series premiere since January 2021. Based on the bestselling novel, this dark, gritty spy thriller stars Jeff Bridges as an ex-CIA operative on the run from black-ops assassins and has already been renewed for a second season. Here’s what […]

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Rapid Insights: LGBTQIA+ Characters Offer a Unique Perspective that Draws in Viewers

To honor the last week of Pride Month, and with the recent success of shows like Heartstopper, Euphoria, Queer Eye, and Love, Victor across both TV and streaming, Vault AI wanted to dig deeper into current trends for series with prominent LGBTQIA+ themes. Here’s what Vault uncovered: What demographic tends to be the most attracted to series with compelling LGBTQIA+ hooks? Women. Of all […]

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Rapid Insights: The Gray Man’s Head-to-Head Face-Off Will Spark Fireworks

Netflix’s most expensive original film to date releases in late July and is intended to jumpstart a brand new action franchise for the streamer. Directed by the Russo brothers (of Marvel fame) and starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans as opposing CIA assassins, the film serves as an homage to high-octane 70s-style thrillers. Here’s what […]

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Rapid Insights: Heartstopper’s LGBTQ+ Teen Romance Is a Joy

Netflix has achieved yet another breakout hit, this time in the form of a heartwarmingly sweet LGBTQ+ British teen rom-com. Released back in April, the series has shown considerable staying power, building on viewers’ positive word-of-mouth and touted in the media as one of the best new shows of 2022. Here’s what you need to […]

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