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Rapid Insights: ’23 Emmy Nominations: Outstanding Comedy Series

As we await the Television Academy’s 2023 Emmy Awards celebration–postponed to January this year–we’re continuing our in-depth series focused on the nominees, which takes a closer look at the high-quality shows representing the best of this past year’s TV. Next up: the category of Outstanding Comedy Series, featuring 5 returning favorites from 2022 plus 3 […]

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Rapid Insights: One Piece, a Rare Success in the Live-Action Anime Genre

On August 31, Netflix released its new live-action adaptation of a beloved classic manga and anime franchise and the show was an undeniable hit, ranking #1 in viewership in 84 countries over its first weekend. Already renewed for a second season, the series follows the fantastical misadventures of an eclectic pirate crew as they scour […]

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Rapid Insights: Gen V Joins The Boys in Redefining the Misfit

Amazon Prime’s wildly successful series The Boys will launch its much-awaited second spin-off (after the animated The Boys Presents: Diabolical) later this month. Set in the same Vought-controlled universe as its predecessors, Gen V will focus on the cutthroat (literally and figuratively) competition between dangerously out-of-control superheroes-in-training at the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. Here’s what you need to know […]

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Rapid Insights: Captain Fall and Krapopolis Expand the Limits of Animated Comedies

Two new comedies just entering the storied realm of adult animation promise to make an indelible mark on the genre. Captain Fall, recently released on Netflix, tells the story of a sweet but dimwitted sea captain unwittingly fronting a smuggling ring for a dangerous international cartel. Dan Harmon’s Krapopolis, coming later this month to Fox, focuses on […]

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Rapid Insights: The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Embarks on a New Beginning

On September 10, AMC will premiere the much-anticipated sixth series in its expansive Walking Dead universe; it follows Daryl–a fan-favorite character from the mothership show–as he journeys across a turbulent, zombie-ravaged France. We took a look at the drivers behind the entire Walking Dead franchise with the release of The Walking Dead: Dead City back in June; […]

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Rapid Insights: The Equalizer 3 & Its TV Cousin Explore Different Takes on the IP

Star Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua are once again joining forces this September with the third and final chapter of Sony’s The Equalizer film franchise. When it releases, the Equalizer IP will become especially notable for having two different versions running at the same time: the theatrical film and the CBS TV series starring Queen Latifah. Here’s what […]

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Rapid Insights: Depp v. Heard Revisits the Drama of the Infamous Celebrity Trial

Tomorrow, Netflix will release a three-part documentary series on the notorious celebrity defamation case that gripped the world, spawned thousands of memes, and became the first “trial by TikTok.” The series will present litigants Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s jarring testimonies side-by-side while exploring the striking impact of social media on truth and justice in […]

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Rapid Insights Trend: Matlock and the Case of Oscar Winners on Network TV

While many big-name film stars have gotten their starts on broadcast TV, already-established movie actors–especially of Oscar caliber–taking a lead role on a Big 4 network series has historically been less common. But that seems to be changing. A number of Oscar winners have lately been taking their talents to the small screen. CBS’s Matlock, […]

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