Rapid Insights: Maid

Netflix’s Maid, a gut-wrenching portrait of poverty and abuse, has become an unexpected and thought-provoking hit over the last month – on track to surpass Queen’s Gambit ratings!

Here’s what you need to know about Maid:

Does Maid’s audience align with other popular dramas?
Yes, mostly so. Maid’s viewership (64% female, 62% 30+) is on par with Mare of EasttownSweetbitter, and Big Little Lies, though its themes of poverty and abuse bring in relatively more female 30+ viewers than its comps (43% vs. 39%).

How has word of mouth impacted Maid’s social tracking?
It has been hugely positive. Pre-release tracking didn’t show much in terms of online engagement. However, as word-of-mouth has spread since launch, Maid’s social tracking has progressively improved, reaching a new peak this week.

Is the mother-daughter relationship between the real-life mother and daughter actors particularly engaging?
Very much so. The Mother-Child Relationship (132) portrayed by Andie MacDowell and her daughter Margaret Qualley is essential to the story’s appeal.

Is a story of a young, destitute mother too much of a downer?
No, not at all. The themes of Motherhood (126) and Parenting Problems (124) are actually some of the top themes bringing in viewers.

Is the gritty portrayal of domestic work an asset to the series?
Certainly. Qualley’s portrayal of the personal and professional struggles of a Working Maid (143) and the fact that it’s Inspired by a True Story (114) are the main reasons why viewers find this portrait of the working poor particularly compelling.

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