Rapid Insights: Love Is Blind Tests the Strength of Love Unseen

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Netflix is releasing the first batch of episodes for Season 6 of its incredibly popular reality dating show. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the series features 30 singles looking for love–this season, they’re all from Charlotte, North Carolina–and has earned considerable buzz since its 2020 premiere.

Here’s what you need to know about Love Is Blind:

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Who’s been watching this can’t-look-away series? 
Older women. We’re seeing an audience that’s heavily female (73%) and mostly older (63% aged 30+), a gender skew that’s very much in line with other popular reality dating shows such as The Bachelor, Married at First Sight, 90 Day Fiancé, Temptation Island, Love Island, and Bachelor in Paradise. Thanks to trends in streaming, however, Love Is Blind lands a bit younger than its linear-based counterparts (which run 80-91% aged 35+).

Why did so many viewers tune in for the show’s first season?
The high-concept matchmaking. On Love Is Blind, contestants are kept in separate rooms as they get to know each other; they can chat via speaker but are not allowed visuals and only meet face-to-face at the end. This means that players must make some Tough Decisions (127) in who they choose to pursue, judging chemistry (Romantic Tension, 119)Falling in Love (123), and potentially becoming engaged all sight-unseen. It is this process of blind pairing that has been driving the series’ stellar ratings since the beginning.

What sets the show apart from other reality dating series?
The moment of truth. Love Is Blind’s unique set-up builds to a nail-biting climax as the newly-engaged couples are finally allowed to see each other and test-drive coupledom at a resort retreat. The opportunity to see their favorite contestants trying to make it work in the real world (Married Life, 131)–as well as the chance that someone might turn tail and run (Broken Engagement, 145)–creates a singular draw for Love Is Blind that’s missing in shows focused solely on matchmaking (The Bachelor, The Bachelorette), physical attraction (Love Island, Too Hot to Handle, Bachelor in Paradise), or pre-paired couples (Married at First Sight, 90 Day Fiancé). These elements also make the show eminently bingeable.

What has kept the show running for what’s about to be six successful seasons?
Conflict. Once the couples have paired off and met each other, they’re launched into a trial run of life together, and the tensions that arise as they navigate their brand-new relationships (Romantic Conflict, 121), meet each other’s families (Family Conflict, 120), and plan their own weddings (Wedding Event, 119) drive the show’s longevity and keep viewers coming back season after season.

What’s making the international versions of this series so popular?
The addictive ups and downs. The Love Is Blind format has been successfully localized for both Brazil and Japan, and in those markets, the #1 driver of engagement is the Emotional Roller Coaster (both 160) viewing experience. Japanese and Brazilian audiences are right there alongside the contestants as they face the intense highs of love and the crushing lows of rejection.


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