Rapid Insights: LA Fire & Rescue Brings Firefighting Drama to Reality

Tomorrow, NBC will be premiering a new reality docuseries that honors the risks and sacrifices of some of LA’s most dedicated heroes. From mega-producer Dick Wolf, the show follows a group of men and women from the Los Angeles County Fire Department as they fight fires, save lives, and put themselves on the line.

Here’s what you need to know about LA Fire & Rescue:

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How will its audience compare to the rest of the summer TV line-up?
It’ll include a few more men. While we’re predicting that the docuseries will lean female (58%), it will do so less drastically than the other reality shows on broadcast TV this summer (64-72%), with the exception of closest fit (and NBC sibling) American Ninja Warrior (60% female). Interestingly, the show will also land slightly more male than firefighter-based scripted dramas like 9-1-1Chicago Fire, and Fire Country. However, in keeping with broadcast viewing trends, LA Fire & Rescue will match all these series in skewing heavily older (94% aged 35+).

Will fans of Dick Wolf shows be interested?
Absolutely. Collectively, there are six series making up the One Chicago and Law & Order franchises that have been renewed for next season. It is predicted that fans of these series will connect strongly with LA Fire & Rescue. Fanship scores register in the outstanding range, led by fans of Chicago Med (133) and Chicago Fire (130), followed by fans of Chicago PD (124) and fans of the Law & Order series (Law & Order: Organized CrimeLaw & Order, and Law & Order: SVU; each with a 124 score).

Why will viewers want to tune in?
For a front-row seat to life as a firefighter. Audiences will lean forward to watch the life-threatening blazes (Life in Danger, 127)Dangerous rescue Missions (117), and forged-in-steel team bonds (Team Dynamics, 129) that make up just another day for the LAFD. To-camera interviews with the firefighters themselves (Talking Heads, 121) will add to the viewer’s sense of being right there with them.

What type of emotional experience should viewers expect?
A rollercoaster. As the series follows its real-life heroes in real-life danger, it amplifies the highs and lows of their intense profession, cycling through Vigilance (120) and Apprehension (117) in moments of peril; Fear (117) and Anger (118) when things go awry; and Joy (118) and Awe (117) when lives are ultimately saved.

What will LA Fire & Rescue have in common with its broadcast competition?
Commitment and stakes. The firefighters’ compelling sense of duty, Ambition & Drive (136) that pushes them to undertake ever-more-daring rescues parallels the Competitiveness (152) (The Bachelorette), Race Against Time (134) (American Ninja Warrior), and Learning the Ropes (125) (The Amazing Race) experienced by participants in other broadcast reality series.

What will make this show stand out among other summer reality fare?
Heroism (115)
. Unlike unscripted series that feature regular–and sometimes unscrupulous–people competing for a prize, LA Fire & Rescue turns the spotlight on a group of real-life saviors who truly do risk everything for others. Along with its focus on life-or-death stakes, its glimpses into their personal lives, support systems (Family Relationships, 119 – similar to 9-1-1), and backgrounds (Troubled Past, 116 – similar to Fire Country) can make this series feel more akin to a scripted drama than a typical reality show.

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