Rapid Insights Genre Trend: The Family Stallone Puts a Positive Spin on Reality TV Drama

In recent years, the number of family-based reality TV series–specifically, those focusing on multiple sisters–has spiked. E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians was in many ways the blueprint, and Hulu’s The Kardashians, its no-holds-barred successor, has continued to amp up the drama, with Season 3 releasing this May. TLC’s drama-filled The Culpo Sisters, which premiered last November, focuses on Miss Universe winner Olivia Culpo and her siblings and fits right alongside. And Paramount+’s The Family Stallone, the newest entrant in the genre, arrives next month and will focus on the daughters of actor Sylvester Stallone. All three series expertly draw viewers into the real-life relationships of their central sets of sisters.

Here’s what you need to know about this trend:

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Who’s the core audience for these types of reality series?
This genre typically skews heavily female (69% for The Kardashians, 71% for The Culpo Sisters) thanks to its focus on sisterly bonds, but with Sly involved as the clan’s figurehead, we’re predicting a uniquely balanced gender skew (48% female / 52% male) for The Family Stallone. All of these series lean older (ages 30+), especially the linear-based Culpo Sisters.

Why do viewers tune in to shows like The Kardashians and The Culpo Sisters?
For the drama. Audiences want to be a fly on the wall for the delectable Family Conflicts (124), Emotional Turmoil (123)Rocky Romances (116), and Strained Relationships (124) as the shows’ core personalities–especially the Kardashians and Culpos–experience an exaggerated version of life’s ups and downs (Reality TV, 122). They also want to watch the sisters strive for success in their various business endeavors, leaning into their Ambition & Drive (115) and competing for Social Status (117).

How will The Family Stallone be different?
It will take a more positive approach. While the other series play up conflicts and clashes, the trailer for Stallone shows a clan that cares, leaning into their mutually Supportive Relationships (160), loving Family Values (142), and bracing Life Lessons (133). The show will also depict the Male Friendships (140) between father Sylvester and his well-known actor buddies (Celebrity Focus, 150), broadening it out to a male audience. All will be key viewership drivers unique to this series.

What type of emotional experience are viewers looking for?
A mix of positive and negative. The families in these series are only human, and audiences are looking both to cheer for and be frustrated by their decisions in turn. Drawing on both ends of the spectrum, from Acceptance (135) and Trust (116) to Disapproval (135) and Loathing (119), is crucial for ratings.

What gives these series legs?
Relatability. These types of shows offer an intimate look at familiar–if somewhat heightened–Family Relationships (151) across several generations (Multigenerational Family, 128) and between sisters (Sibling Relationships, 119), connections with which the audience can identify. The recognizable Family Values (160) at their heart are a top driver of their longevity.

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