Rapid Insights: Extraction 2 Leans into a New Setting and a Changed Hero

After 2020’s Extraction became Netflix’s most-watched original film at the time, the streamer fast tracked the much-anticipated sequel from creators Joe and Anthony Russo, the fruits of which will be releasing next month. Like its predecessor, the second action-thriller film stars Chris Hemsworth as a black ops mercenary who specializes in rescuing kidnapped civilians from ruthlessly dangerous criminals.

Here’s what you need to know about Extraction 2:

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Who will be adding this new action-thriller to their queue?
Older men. Like the original Extraction, we’re predicting that the sequel will lean heavily male (57%) and 35+ (72%), the same demo expected to have the highest level of demand (123). That said, we’re also seeing greater interest from younger males this time around, with men 18-34 showing an increase of 13 points.

What made the original Extraction so appealing?
The rescue. Mercenary Tyler Rake’s High-Stakes Mission (125) to save a Kidnapped Child (119) offered up adrenaline-pumping stunts, car chases, gun battles, and hand-to-hand fighting (Intense Action & Violence, 113) that leaned into Rake’s special set of skills (One Man Army, 111), catnip for the action-loving male audience. At the same time, Rake putting his own life on the line for the greater good as well as twists of betrayal and tragedy helped humanize his character (Heroic Journey, 114).

What about the Extraction premise felt so fresh and new?
Its global stage and family themes. The film’s Mumbai Setting (115) and broader international feel combined with its emphasis on father-son bonds (Risking It All for Family, 123), which drew parallels between the kidnapped boy and Rake’s own lost child, were the key drivers of freshness.

What will differentiate the upcoming sequel?
A new setting and a changed hero. Extraction 2 takes place in an isolated, frozen corner in the country of Georgia (Remote Setting, 139), where Rake and his team must navigate cultural barriers (Cross-Cultural Teamwork, 142) to rescue a woman and her two children from a heavily-guarded prison. After nearly dying in Extraction, Rake must also grapple with his own demons (Back from the Dead, 121) and finally face his Tragic Past (115).

What type of viewing experience will audiences be seeking?
An intense one. Like its predecessor, Extraction 2 is more Violent (114) and Action-Packed (115) than the average thriller, and viewers can expect to be both Exhilarated (121) and Tense (118), watching on the edge of their seats.

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