Rapid Insights: Daisy Jones & the Six Hits All the Right Notes

Coming to Amazon Prime next month is a hotly anticipated new limited series based on the New York Times bestselling novel by author Taylor Jenkins Reid. The show outlines the rise and fall of a fictional 1970s rock band partly inspired by Fleetwood Mac, with lead singer Daisy–played by Elvis Presley’s real-life granddaughter–vaguely channeling Stevie Nicks.

Here’s what you need to know about Daisy Jones & the Six:

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Who will be tuning in for this new limited series?
We’re predicting that the audience will lean female (59%) and skew mostly older (60% aged 30+). Compared to previous music-based series, this viewership is less markedly female than those that reveled in a more dramatic, soapier tone (like NashvilleMonarch, and Star), and less male than those that fell more into the comedy camp (like Flight of the Conchords and Roadies).

What type of storytelling will Daisy Jones be presenting?
Behind the Music-style documentary. Though the band is completely fictional, the series follows the hallmarks of the typical nonfiction musical group biopic, relying on flashbacks to tell the story and using present-day interviews with the singers reflecting on their experiences as a framing device. The show ticks the boxes for the Music (142)Biography (125), and History (118) genres.

How does the show’s social tracking look?
It’s high. The levels of online chatter that accompanied both the December release date announcement and the January teaser trailer drop maxed out our social buzz meter (hitting a high of 160). The fact that the show’s source material is already quite popular is undoubtedly contributing to the audience’s sense of anticipation (Based on a Book, 119).

What will get viewers to tune in?
The drama of the characters’ relationships. The tight-knit yet dysfunctional band of the title is rife with Emotional Turmoil (125) and Friendship Conflict (160), and core members are engaged in a turbulent Romantic Relationship (151). Their Passion (126)–both for the music and each other–could derail the group’s trajectory, but who better than Daisy Jones, Strong Female Protagonist (154), to steer the ship and wow the crowds (and the real-life audience).

What will make the show bingeworthy?
The music. Original rock songs performed by the cast–the actors took vocal lessons and played their own instruments–are integrated throughout, and viewers will lean forward to follow such Gifted with Talent (114) characters as well as the tumultuous ‘70s Music Industry (120) scene that they take by storm.

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