From unscripted to scripted, promo to pilot, get AI powered audience insights fast.


Built to analyze any type of content, from concept, bible, deck, IP, adaptation (TV, Film, Podcast, Game), while adjusting talent and story variables to give you range.


Gain insights into what drives Ratings around the world, or quickly pivot to see what impacts streaming subscribers.


Drill down like never before, with clear audience insights by gender, age, ethnicity and more.

Find the perfect fit.

From scripted to unscripted, gain insights to fuel your next hit.

Input a Script or Series Bible, Sizzle reel or series deck to gain insights:

  • Concept Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • Story & Character Drivers
  • Title Testing
  • Script Testing
  • Upfronts Packaging

Global by design.

Insights tailored to each country's viewing behaviors.

Getting actionable consumer insights for your global TV series isn't easy. It's time consuming and often the data you get back is inconsistent. We built the Vault AI platform to give you global insights in hours, with all the nuances you need.

For the first time ever, ask any question, at any time, to simulate performance.


What if we made the protagonist Female?


Should we up the comedy for traditional horror fans?


Should we position the lead as less vengeful?


Would this succeed as a series spinoff?


Will talent X hit our demos more than talent Y?


Would a more violent promo activate Males under 30?

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