Global Theatrical Insights

Advanced reporting and analytics built to maximize box office results.


Analyze any type of audio/visual content. Simply upload a script, trailer, concept, IP and quickly see how it will impact audiences.


Get insights for audience size, profile and local market nuances across 60 markets.

Route and Re-Route

Predictive tracking that covers unreleased content up to 20 weeks before release.

Anytime, anywhere.

Understand the core drivers for content performance.

Simply input any audio or visual content and gain insights quickly:

  • IP, Concept, Library Viability
  • Greenlight
  • Story & Character Drivers
  • Positioning
  • Trailer & Ads
  • Campaign Roadmap

Global by design.

How global is your content?

Getting actionable consumer insights for your global theatrical market isn't easy. It's time consuming and often the data you get back is inconsistent. We built the Vault AI platform to give you global insights in hours, with all the nuances you need.

For the first time ever, ask any question, at any time to simulate performance.


Does this character deserve their own movie?


Will trailer 3 win +30’s away from my competitor?


How might this perform on PVOD?


Is the main character too macho?


What if we focused on the location as a hook?


Spinoff into a TV series?

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