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Flexible insights that focus on streaming movies and TV shows

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Built to analyze any type of content, giving you the power to simulate new talent and story ideas in real-time.

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Get global insights across 60 countries to reflect one global flavor or highlight key market needs to gain and retain subscribers.

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Metrics that matter

We offer multiple metrics, from binge, to SVOD ratings, to help simulate a streaming platform's subscriber base.

Actionable user insights

Next generation consumer insights at your fingertips.

Understanding the impact of content on your streaming subscribers:

  • IP, Concept, Library Viability
  • Greenlight
  • Story & Character Drivers
  • Positioning
  • Trailer & Ads
  • Campaign Roadmap
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Global by design

What makes your content truly global?

Getting actionable consumer insights for your global streaming market isn't easy. It's time consuming and often the data you get back is inconsistent. We built the Vault AI platform to give you global insights in hours, with all the nuances you need.

Empower decision making across content’s entire life cycle


Is this better fit for Netflix or Hulu?


Will character X drive social engagement?


What if we use action elements for trailer option 1?


Will this Podcast succeed as a streaming series or film?


Lean heavy on the horror vs. comedy?


Pitch as more crime than action?

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