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We believe that predicting consumer demand will be the primary research method in consumer insights.

Predictive Consumer Insights

Our mission is to radically enhance the world’s ability to predict consumer demand.

Since the 1940s, Consumer Research has relied on focus group and survey techniques to help predict consumer demand. We’re actively changing this.

We work hand-in-hand with leading streamers, networks, film studios to build products that users really want to use every day.

We are venture and corporate venture backed, and based in sunny Los Angeles and Israel.

Vault AI sits at the intersection of content and technology

David Stiff

CEO / Co-Founder

Ziv Ayalon

CTO / Co-Founder

Nir Tzachar PhD

Chief Scientist / Co-Founder

Abe Recio PhD

Chief Product Officer

Rachel Krauss

VP Insights & Strategy

Mark Antal

VP Business Operations & Strategy

Caroline Wanne

Global Research Manager

Meg Recko


Vanessa Galluccio

Manager, Data Ops

Michael Cohn


Darragh Caffrey

Project Manager

Ilya Litmanovich

Product Manager

Daniel Goldstone

Project Manager

Maor Tal

Algo Developer

Borya Goldarb

Algo Developer

Bar Kaspy


Ariell Baltzel


Yoel Lustgarten


Anat Schwartz


Mika Foux


Ainav Weisberg


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